Pathways to Africa’s
Economic Development Rebound 1 & 2

An exploration of Africa, poverty, and paths to prosperity for a continent rich in human and natural resources. This book provides a useful guide on how Africans and African leaders can collectively build a better Africa.

It delivers detailed research and insights into the events that shaped the Africa we know today. It also provides solutions to these issues by cross-examining other countries that have become prosperous. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Africa’s coming revolution.


Volume 1

Purchase Volume 1 of Africa’s Economic Development Rebound on Amazon. It gives a historical perspective on some of Africa’s current economic issues.

Volume 2

Purchase Volume 2 of Africa’s Economic Development Rebound on Amazon. The author details practical solutions for Africa’s economic transformation.


If you are in Nigeria, you can purchase both volumes of Africa’s Economic Development Rebound in paperback through our link.

About the Author

Adejare Rasheed Olaoluwa has extensive experience spanning well over three decades in financial services, investment management, banking and oil & gas sectors. He holds First- Class Honours in Civil Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, an Associate Membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and an Executive MBA from the International Graduate School of Management (IESE), Spain.

He was the pioneer Group CEO of United Capital Plc., a leading financial investment services company and the pioneer CEO of UBA Africa. This experience gave him a wider and deeper view of economic development issues across sub-Saharan Africa. And through tutelage at reputable executive programmes such as Lagos Business School, INSEAD, Harvard Business School, London Business School and many more, he has gotten the insights necessary to transform Africa.

Adejare Rasheed Olaoluwa

Africa's Path to Prosperity

Get informed insights into issues affecting Africa and what Africans must do to unlock its untapped potential. Outline in this book series, are strategic pathways that can take Africa to prosperity. You can get the entire narrative at the link below.